Disingenuous At Best: ‘Young Turks’ roast CPAC and ‘queen clown’ Sarah Palin: ‘They’re giggly over World War II’

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Source: ‘Young Turks’ roast CPAC and ‘queen clown’ Sarah Palin: ‘They’re giggly over World War II’.

Once again, I'm no Sarah Palin fan; but the critique is thicker than it claims she is or at it is at best disingenuous.

I hate it when opponents deliberately take something the other side says and place it in a very narrow context obviously never intended. I don't personally know Sarah Palin, but I'm confident to say that she did not think that every last Nazi was eliminated nor said it.

Before attacking her as if she had thought that, it would have been wise to ask her first.

Her point is that the Nazis were killed to the point where they were removed from power and could not simply spring up somewhere else.


Tom Usher

Her other point is that she believes we need total war on the religious ideology of IS, etc., just as we made total war on Nazism and Fascism, though that too is a broad generality, as there is insufficient time here to go into excruciating detail now just to preempt weak political attacks by those who aren't interested in real dialogue but rather simply trashing the opponent regardless of any merit in anything the opponent has to say.

Yes, there is a big difference between Nazi Germany and IS, but that in and of itself doesn't automatically negate Palin's approach.

What's actually bothering the "left" (false liberals) is that Sarah Palin gave a rousing speech with plenty of facts to back it up (though I disagree with a great deal of it).

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