Putin is Too Smart to Have Wanted Nemtsov Murdered?

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Thousands of opposition supporters are expected to march through Moscow to the bridge where Kremlin-critic Boris Nemtsov was shot dead overnight on Friday.

Nemtsov had planned to join the rally to protest against Putin's economic policies and the conflict in east Ukraine when he was gunned down not far from the Kremlin. In the wake of his killing, the organisers cancelled the march changing its focus to pay tribute to the politician....

I think Putin is too smart to have ordered, or wanted, him killed. His death has only drawn attention to anti-Putinism, which Putin would rather not have had, especially not right now while he's dealing with Merkel concerning Ukraine.

The "West" has been making out like Boris Nemtsov was saintly, but he ran in very un-saintly, hyper-privatization circles under Yeltsin's regime propped up by those who rushed in to grab the spoils of a backstabbed Russia (backstabbed by the Reaganites and Bushites and more specifically, US neocon/Zionist-bankster types).

Vladimir Putin would have had no reason to suddenly have Boris Nemtsov murdered. Putin's popularity is still quite high in Russia. Also, if the object had been simply to eliminate Nemtsov, wouldn't any intelligence/clever person have made it appear to be an accident or some other less obvious thing, such as an illness? If the object was to put the fear into other anti-Putin types, would that have been worth the price of such negative international news where Vladimir Putin now has to pull out all the stops to catch the killers so he, Putin, won't be suspect in Angela Merkel's eyes?

If people are to be suspected, it would be foolish to rule out foreign-paid assassins.

Of course, this post only scratches the surface of possibilities.

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