Must Watch & Tom's Take: "CrossTalk: Dangerously Spinning Russia Story - YouTube"

Nemtsov was not being talked about much at all in Russia or outside Russia when he was murdered. His popularity ratings were between 1 and 5%. His Party has no seats in Russia. The Communists are Putin's main opposition, and they aren't strong versus Putin's 80% popularity-rating by Russians in Russia. The Western mainstream media is up to nothing but false propaganda concerning this whole affair. The American people are being duped, again! Don't fall for it.

The neocons/Zionists are completely behind this, just the way they were concerning lying the US into the war in Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11 and didn't have weapons of mass destruction.

It doesn't matter which Party is in the White House or is controlling the Congress (House and/or Senate), the Republicans lie and the Democrats lie.

This is an excellent segment of CrossTalk on RT (Russia Today). It reinforces my completely independent post of yesterday (I wrote it before reading anyone else's theories on the crime): "Putin is Too Smart to Have Wanted Nemtsov Murdered?"

On the back of Secretary of State John Kerry’s pleading for more funding to counter news outlets such as RT and the west’s reaction to the awful murder of an opposition figure on the streets of Moscow, it would appear those looking for more tensions with Russia are winning the day. CrossTalking with Gilbert Doctorow, Neil Clark, and Ray McGovern.

Source: CrossTalk: Dangerously Spinning Russia Story - YouTube.


Tom Usher

What crow the US media in particular will eat if the Russians catch the people who murdered Nemtsov: poetic justice.

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