"Machiavelli Was Right" In a Pig's Eye

03111501Machiavelli Was Right — The Atlantic.

That article represents a concerted effort to dumb down humanity. It is outright hatred for Jesus Christ. It is the unmitigated call of the dark side. It is pleading that fewer and fewer people rise but rather fall. It is excuse making, calling bravery cowardice and cowardice expedient and self-sacrificing, as if Jesus going to the Cross was some weak, cringing thing rather than the most shining example of truly doing what is right for the people, showing them the way to overcome the disease that is violence against fellow humans even at the cost of one's life in the flesh but where the promise is really the real life of the soul rather than the death of the soul, as in Machiavelli's case.

You go ahead, Michael Ignatieff. You go with Machiavelli. I'll go with Jesus even if it means IS-types crucify me for it.

I've had it with your neocon kind. You are the problem.

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