Raw Story Twisting: "Tom Cotton: Iran must be stopped because 'they already control Tehran'" - YouTube

Watch the following, and then read my commentary below it.

Well, to be fair, Raw Story is infamous for pouncing without thinking it all the way through at best.

Frankly, I don't consider Raw Story as credible because I see Raw Story as constantly deliberately taking everything it can in the worst possible way and without ever stating the other ways something might be taken. Raw Story is far, far, far from my version of a legitimate debate.

Tom Cotton is completely wrong on policy, but I'm not prepared at all to assume that he wasn't thinking " the current regime" when he said "Iran." In fact, I highly suspect that, that's exactly what he meant.

He's a neocon and hates it that Iran is an Islamic theocracy. He hates it that the government of Iran is not a puppet government of the US, as the Shah (secular) was to a great degree.

When we typically say "the US" this and "the US" that, we are referring to the Obama administration and the clique that ultimately controls it. Sadly, that "US" (regime) has controlled Washington, D.C.

It's not very specific phraseology. It leaves too much open for Raw Story types to pounce. However, it's still true.


Tom Usher

To simply assume that Cotton doesn't, or didn't, know that Tehran is the capital city of Iran is not good reporting. Ask him first, or at least say the way(s) it might otherwise be taken.

UPDATE: Well, I decided to go look. It wasn't hard. I'm completely right. He named in the video the 5 capitals that he says the "hard-liners in Iran," the regime in Iran, control (including Tehran): "Tom Cotton: Joe Biden has been wrong on foreign policy, national security for decades"

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