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We opposed the PATRIOT Act from the start. It should be repealed for cause.

This spring, Congress will consider whether to extend three provisions of the notoriously controversial PATRIOT act set to expire in June. ...
Most policymakers forget the 9/11 commission’s most crucial finding: the intelligence community's failures that enabled the 9/11 attacks were not failures of limited data collection, but rather failures of data sharing & analysis. Over the last 15 years, Congress has allowed the agencies to expand their collection capacities, solving an imaginary problem while creating a host of real threats to US national security far worse than any act of rogue violence: the specter of state omniscience, immune from oversight and accountability, and thus vulnerable to politicization.


Tom Usher

Source: Back to square one on spying | TheHill.

That's putting it too mildly. For instance, Edward Snowden has been faced with prosecution and imprisonment for legally (constitutionally) revealing the rogue, outlaw nature of the US government under the PATRIOT Act. His action was in support of the US Constitution while those who've sought to prosecute and imprison him (including President Barack Obama) have done the exact opposite, worked to destroy the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights.

As far as we are concerned, Barack Obama has clearly committed a very significant number of high crimes and misdemeanors and should have been impeached and removed from office long ago. Any potential replacement from the Vice President down who also went along with the the rogue, outlaw nature of the US government should obviously be precluded from assuming the office of the President and should likewise be removed from office for cause.

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