#1 of 6: NIST's WTC 7 Reports: Filled with Fantasy, Fiction, and Fraud

Do you buy the NIST purported theory for why WTC 7 completely collapsed?

Why "suspect"? Because NIST ignored the National Fire Protection Association protocol — specifically, the NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations — and refused to perform a forensic investigation. As a consequence, NIST has no physical proof to back up its unusual explanation for WTC 7's destruction.

Even more concerning, NIST bases its finding on computer models whose input data it refuses to release to either the scientific community or the general public. Thus, it is impossible to independently verify NIST's work and its startling conclusion.

Source: #1 of 6: NIST's WTC 7 Reports: Filled with Fantasy, Fiction, and Fraud.

"WTC 7 - Side by Side Comparison to Controlled Demolition" (WTC 7 is on the left):


Tom Usher

The NIST fake theory is now that all of the internal structure decoupled from the exterior walls before that exterior shell simply fell straight down in the building footprint. Decoupling caused by fires in the building sufficient to do that did not happen.

The government of the United States has been deliberately hiding what really happened. Extremely wicked minds are behind it.

They are the same people who deliberately lied to the American people and to the world about Iraq and WMD and 9/11 (Iraq had no WMD and was not involved in 9/11), who lied about the government conducting dragnet spying on the American people (the NSA spied on all of them and within the US; don't imagine they're not still up to it), who have lied about Iran and a nuclear-weapons program (which Iran does not have), who lied about whether they tortured people (the CIA and DIA using waterboarding is horrendous torture and can make, and has made, people admit to things they did not do), and who have done numerous other wicked things going back to the beginning.

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