Liar! "Saudi Arabia & Iran Have Nukes!" Says Alex Jones - YouTube

The standard Alex Jones uses when he says someone has been right every single time is not the same standard I use when discerning objective, absolute truth from mere maybes. Someone told Alex that Iran has nuclear weapons and Alex believe that his "source" fits perfectly into the mold in Alex's head for being a "right-thinking" person. Therefore, Iran has nuclear weapons for sure according to Alex. It's called confirmation bias, but Alex does it to the extreme. There are worse offenders out there, but Alex is in the top 1% of them.

I guarantee that Alex's "source" does not know that Iran has nuclear weapons.

The Zionists have tried and tried to conjure up proof of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program and have not been able to do it. The US had to back off it's statements that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program. They became worn down by people (including yours truly) hammering them for any independently verifiable hard evidence at all. They had none even though they had been claiming they did.

Obama's administration is now negotiating a deal with Iran because of all that hammering.

The only people who don't want such a deal are the neocons and Takfiris. Pick your poison. Which one is Alex on this subject?

One thing is perfectly clear. Alex is very, very, very soft on Zionism. Why is that? Why does he always go out of his way to say that he's not bashing or demonizing (or words to that effect) Israel?

The Zionists are stinking land thieves and war criminals. Who did the USS Liberty on purpose? Who let them get away with it. Zionists!

Alex was very hard on the Bush-43 administration for 9/11, but that administration was neocon through and through. Neocons are Zionists, always!

Who did 9/11 at the very, very top? Zionists. It's the only way WTC 7 could have happened. The Saudis sure couldn't have pulled it off.

Watch the liar:


Tom Usher

He's toned it down concerning Iran a tiny bit (leaning on his unnamed source) since the last time I heard him spew the lie, but the title of his video is still emphatically lying.

If you think I shouldn't call him a liar, I say to you that you don't care enough about how critically important it is that the Zionists not get away with attacking Iran for a nuclear-weapons program they haven't been shown to have. Jesus called people serpents. He turned over the tables. Don't ask me to be meek and mild when people's lives are on the line. There are times and places to be "polite" and such. Alex doesn't speak that language. He doesn't hear it. He regularly calls people scum. He won't hear me if I'm all soft and gentle and pleasant. I'm not hurting him. I'm trying to wake him up. He thinks he's awake. He's not. He's lost.

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