Assad Says US Airstrikes Have Made ISIS Stronger; Says ISIS, Saudi Arabia Of Same Ideological Bent

03301501Assad has plenty of support in Syria. His military is made up of plenty of Sunnis.

Is he wrong about Erdogan and the Brotherhood? Not really.

Is he wrong about the Saudi "Royal" family and Wahhabism? Not at all.

Did he know those things before the "Arab Spring"? Definitely.

Is he open to impartial delegations investigating claims about chlorine gas and barrel bombs? Yes.

Is he open to democracy in Syria? Yes but with limits. He would preclude sharia because it would discriminate against all other sects, including his own.

Should he have reformed more before the "Arab Spring"? Yes, but he would still have faced Takfiris trying to oust him.

Is the Obama administration right on Syria? Absolutely not.

See: Assad Says US Airstrikes Have Made ISIS Stronger; Says ISIS, Saudi Arabia Of Same Ideological Bent.

Someone posted a question on Facebook: "If it's only an issue of concern to the Syrian people, as to whether or not he leaves office, then why not hold an election?"

My response:

They did hold an election. He won. The West didn't want it held.,_2014


In case you don't look:
Turnout 73.42%
Assad got:
Popular vote 10,319,723
Percentage 88.7%

If that's not the Syrian people backing him, what is?

Syrian population: July 2014 estimate 17,951,639. That's including kids too young to vote. Even if everyone who didn't want him had voted, he still would have won. The US and EU couldn't handle that.

It was a very highly observed election that was certified by many nation-states as being free and fair.

So, why hasn't the US backed off?

Why is the US backing the Saudis against the duly elected president of Syria? When was the last time the Saudis voted for their king?

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