OSCE Observers Haven't Seen Russia Invading Ukraine: No Tanks, Artillery, Air-Defense Systems, Troops, Nothing

Pepe Escobar:

03301503NATO has no proper intel agency of its own. NATO’s military intel is gathered by American, Brit or German agents – thus politically manipulated. That’s why NATO’s current Dr. Strangelove, Gen. Breedlove – call him Breedhate – is able to relentlessly spew out the same nonsense about “columns of Russian equipment - primarily Russian tanks, Russian artillery, Russian air defense systems and Russian combat troops” invading Ukraine over and over again, even as OSCE observers insist they have never seen them.

Source: Donbass: ‘The war has not started yet’ — RT Op-Edge.

They haven't seen any Russian invasion because there hasn't been any. However, if NATO continues to ramp up and if it gets directly involved in the fighting by placing NATO troops in Ukraine to kill Russian ethnics there, Putin will have no choice but to invade Ukraine, drive NATO out, take Kiev, and hold the whole country. It will be entirely Obama's fault. Frankly, I don't think Angela Merkel is stupid enough to go for it. Also, the French are turning back to conservatism and Nicolas Sarkozy, who has made it extremely clear that he completely disagrees with the current US foreign policy toward Russia on Ukraine.

Here's what he said:

Crimea has chosen Russia, and we cannot blame it [for doing so], just like I imposed Putin to let the Kosovars separate from Serbia. If Kosovo has had the right to separate from Serbia, I don't see how we could say with the same reasoning that Crimea doesn't have the right to leave Ukraine to join Russia.

Source: Video on Demand :: View and Buy - France: 'Crimea chose Russia, don't follow American drama' - Sarkozy - Ruptly

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