"Obama Calls for End to Conversion Therapies," Which He Knows Little to Nothing About

Of course:

David Pickup, a licensed family therapist in California and Texas, said in an interview on Wednesday that the president and gay rights advocates were purposely misconstruing the work that he and others do. He said that minors should never be forced into therapy, but he insisted that being gay was often brought about by serious emotional problems or sexual abuse.

“We believe that change is still possible. People go to therapy because they can change, because it really does work,” Mr. Pickup said. “We help people grow into their authentic selves.”

Mr. Pickup said he and others were actively lobbying against the proposed state bans, and he urged Mr. Obama to “wake up and understand the rights of people who he doesn’t know anything about and need his help and need his compassion.”

Obama Calls for End to ‘Conversion’ Therapies for Gay and Transgender Youth - NYTimes.com.

04091502People falsely claim all sorts of things about various therapies. Some people falsely claim that such therapies are always harmful in addition to that they never work.

Well, literally thousands and thousands of people have gone through authentic reparative therapy. The majority come out satisfied with the treatment. Approximately a third are very satisfied. They don't consider themselves as having been harmed by the treatment but rather helped. Many lives have been completely turned around in very dramatic ways. Lives have been quite literally saved. People with unwanted same-sex attraction, some due to abuse, sometimes begin the therapy because they are at their wits end and even suicidal.

So, here we have a huge push on to get people falsely imagining that there's only some dark side to such therapy.

Look, the reparative therapists make no secret of the fact that therapy can stir up strong emotions and be unsettling, but that's true for non-reparative psychological and psychiatric treatments. It's common knowledge in those fields. Someone undergoing reparative therapy may have been stressed more than usual and might quit prematurely as a result and feel harmed. That though is zero reason to ban the treatment for everyone any more than it would be reason to ban all therapies where people become stressed by the progress while working through issues.

The boy who considered himself a girl in a boy's body and took the name Leelah Alcorn was not treated by a licensed reparative therapist. Such therapists are trained not to force the treatment on anyone. They instruct parents that only youths who are personally motivated and desirous of the treatment without any coercion are truly suitable clients.

Anyway, it's rather fascistic to deny individuals the right to decide for themselves whether or not they want help with diminishing or eliminating same-sex attraction. Who is anyone to tell such people, children and/or adults, that they can't be allowed to do what will do exactly that (diminish or in some cases, eliminate)? Who is Barack Obama to tell the American people that reparative therapy is evil and doesn't work and is more dangerous than other therapies he isn't calling to be banned? Honestly, he's very ignorant on the subject, as are the vast majority of people.

The NYT article mentions NARTH. NARTH has openly called for more and better research studies into homosexuality. NARTH has called upon the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association to conduct studies with NARTH so that biases and errors in design and methodology can be reduced and hopefully completely eliminated. Those associations have so far refused.

I am confident that they have refused because they have been politicized by homosexual activists who put their ideology before scientific integrity. Of course, they could prove me wrong (at least going forward) by undertaking the joint research.

The American Psychological Association admits that sexual identity is a fluid thing. They admit it changes. Why they push that it isn't possible to do intentionally with the aid of a licensed psychologist and without harm just makes no sense without unscientific ideology entering the picture.

I personally know people who have gone through the therapy who swear by it. They literally thank God for it. What kind of people would deny them that, liberals, civil libertarians? Hardly.

Now, consider the child who is repeatedly homosexually gang raped and who then and only then becomes confused about his sexual orientation where he was clearly heterosexual in his own mind before that. How in the world can any civilized nation or state block that boy from getting help with overcoming that confusion and with restoring himself to his heterosexual condition? How can any law be moral that would force that child to endure even years without any such help?

Years to a child are as decades to someone my age. Inflicting such pain and suffering on traumatized children by reason of legally enforced neglect is sheer evil.


Tom Usher

I thoroughly repudiate Barack Obama's position on this. It is a rotten position based upon a pack of lies being spread by a one-sided group of people with an ideological, anti-science agenda that is vastly more dangerous and harmful than reparative therapy could ever be.

Shame on them. I fully support the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, and so should you.

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