More on US Senator Tom Cotton, Republican, Arkansas: Where and Why He's So Wrong

Watch this interview (that dances around the issues):

Uncommon Knowledge: Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

Here's my brief take on it.

Tom Cotton is completely wrong that a free press doesn't have the legal right to disclose any classified information. He specifically mentioned what Edward Snowden did. The press most certainly had a right to divulge the classified information. In fact, they, as did Edward Snowden, had a duty to disclose it. That's because what was classified was illegal activity on the part of the US government, unconstitutionally illegal activity. Absolutely zero classification is legal when it masks unconstitutionality by the government, period.

Concerning Iraq, the discussion in the video doesn't start with the Bush-43 policy toward Iraq leading up to the invasion and occupation. That's telling and of course, expected because the decision to attack was based upon a pack of proven lies, lies which were being called lies before the attack including being call such by yours truly.

On Ukraine, the discussion is based upon the false meme that Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine. In addition, the interviewer, Peter Robinson, makes the false claim that Merkel and Hollande were directed to go negotiate with Putin. They made the decision themselves and acted upon their decision over the objections of Washington. Then Cotton totally mischaracterizes the deal Merkel, Hollande, and Putin concluded. In no way were the Donbass forces not required to pull back from the frontline. They were definitely required and did so well before the Kiev forces pulled back on that side.

Tom Cotton referred to Russian violations of earlier nuclear-arms deals with Washington. What violations? The US violated the ABM Treaty.

You'll notice that there is no discussion about the quite large and extreme right-wing fascist element in Kiev. Poroshenko is busily trying to mask over that, but he isn't going to alter the hearts and minds of the Bandera forces who worked directly with the Nazis. We also have Yatsenyuk having said that Russia invaded Germany when it was, in fact, Germany that invaded Russia. We also have Poroshenko claiming that the Nazis and Bolsheviks conspired to start WWII to divide up Europe. That's an utterly ridiculous revisionist, PSYOP tactic. There was no such conspiracy. The Nazis were bent upon destroying the Bolsheviks, and Stalin was stupid not to have known that rather than signing an agreement with Hitler that wasn't worth the paper it was written on. Once Russia was invaded by Germany and once Stalin came out of his severe depression at having been completely duped by Hitler, Russia resolved to fight the Nazis until the Nazis were totally crushed, which they were.

Now, what's wrong with Tom Cotton's ideology is that he doesn't understand that US imperialism has ginned up much more violent conflict in the world than the US would otherwise have seen. Terrible US foreign policy has caused the rift between Russia and the US, not Russian foreign policy. Russia and the US could be and should be the best of friends. We had a golden opportunity for just that, but George H. W. Bush (Bush-41), lacking the "vision thing," sat on his hands after the fall of the USSR rather than rushing to the aid of the post-Soviet peoples' humanitarian needs (including the ethnic Russians').

Let me point out that Tom Cotton knows these things. He's not ignorant of them. What he is, is "clever" enough to ignore them. I put clever in quotation marks because ignoring them is actually stupid. His kind of clever is the proverbial Satan's kind of clever, and Satan lost before he started.

On Iran, it doesn't have, and hasn't had since the revolution, and doesn't want, a nuclear-weapons program. Iran is being extremely transparent on this. It has agreed to highly invasive real-time inspections and oversight. It wasn't too long ago that the Bush-43 administration neocons (Cotton is a neocon) were lying through their teeth when repeatedly saying "Iran nuclear-weapons program." Even Cotton can't repeat that now because anti-neocons hammered with the truth.

The US should immediately lift all sanctions against Iran the moment the final deal is inked. There should be no incremental lifting of such sanctions. If Iran cheats. Sanctions could be reestablished and would be. Iran could even be bombed (into the stone age) if that decision were taken. It won't ever come to that so long as the US stops lying about Iran, stops spewing the neocon/Zionist garbage, etc.

As for the "death to America" chanting, John McCain sang, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran."

Cotton keeps calling Iran the greatest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world, but I have never seen a shred of evidence of such massive sponsorship or any, for that matter. Tom Cotton is just spreading false propaganda, making emphatic statements that he hasn't and can't substantiate with any hard evidence. What are US predator drones firing Hellfire missiles but terror, turning non-enemies into sworn enemies?

And what does Tom Cotton know about the Houthis? The Houthis have wanted a secular, democratic state, not a Islamic theocracy. Perhaps that will change on account of US backing for the Saudi dictatorship that is bombarding Yemen.

Cotton mentions Guantanamo but doesn't mention that a large number of those being held should never have been there (not that the place should have been created) and were cleared for release a long time ago.

Furthermore on Iran, where's Cotton's concern that the Iranians had a legitimate case against the US because the US had overthrown Iran's duly elected Prime Minister and installed a brutal dictatorship?

Then on economics, not a surprise, he lauds Hayek, the libertarian-capitalists economics demigod, who wasn't as "Libertarian" as his followers make out but who also was simply ignorant about economics to the extent that following his prescriptions is proven by the data to fail long after proper applications of governmental fiscal policies would fix the problems and keep them from arising in the first place and all while causing greater sustainable growth and technological innovation. (See: Monetary-and-Banking-Reform Platform for The United States)


Tom Usher

He did mention Abraham Lincoln, which was a surprise. He said that he is a Federalist. That's a feather in his cap. He also talks about serving the country, which came across as genuinely felt. He's just wrong about what's best for the people as a whole and the world.

What he also sounds like is terribly naive about American economic and militant, imperial history.

Finally, the anti-war movement isn't going to beat Tom Cotton and his neocon ilk by making false claims about Cotton, such as that he didn't know Tehran is the capital of Iran. We have to confront his ideology, his dangerous, misled, and misleading ideology.

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