So-Called Liberal Site, "Freaked Out Nation," Freaked Out by (Then Censored) My Comments on Tom Cotton & Tehran, Iran

I had commented around the Internet a bit on the subject of whether Tom Cotton had known that Tehran is the capital of Iran and "got into it" on one site in particular: "Tehran Tom Is Alarmed That The Capital Of Iran Is Controlled By Iran."

However, if you go to that post and scroll down to see the comment section, you will find that it says, "You must be logged in to post a comment." That means they turned off the DISQUS commenting on that post.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check whether they automatically do that with old posts after they get to a certain age (which I doubted because DISQUS would still allow the older comments to be seen). Well, they don't. There are older posts where the DISQUS commenting is still on. What they apparently did is turn off DISQUS comments on a few "Tom Cotton" posts.

It seems clear they didn't want people to be able to read what I wrote there and didn't want me chiming in on other "Tom Cotton" posts around the same time. I had stopped commenting there but simply thought it would be wise to show them how to handle Tom Cotton without resorting to making things up about him, such as that he didn't know Tehran is the capital of Iran. That's how I found out that they had taken the steps they did to send what I wrote there down the Orwellian memory hole.

I simply planned to post a link to my more recent post on Tom Cotton: "More on US Senator Tom Cotton, Republican, Arkansas: Where and Why He's So Wrong."


Tom Usher

Look, people can censor all they want on their privately run blogs. I censor here. Some things just go beyond the pale. Some people want to swear up a storm or post porn or troll endlessly (not answer questions, etc.). However, I was certainly not unreasonable in any of my comments on that blog post. Their moderators hadn't cautioned me about violating any of their rules or anything. What they did was simply block others from seeing that they (Freaked Out Nation) had made a mistake by going along with the falsehood that Cotton didn't know the capital of Iran. To me, that's cowardly and dishonest on top of being wrong. It's what gives "liberal" a bad name.

So, here's the link [link removed due to code no longer being supported by newer browsers] to the discussion thread that was on that post. (Note: It loads accurately and quickly in Chrome.) That discussion thread is still there on their site (in their database and accessible, if you know what you're doing; I'm not talking about hacking either).

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