Loretta Lynch is Condoleeza Rice With A Law Degree | Black Agenda Report

Yesterday, I was thinking how I know nearly nothing about Loretta Lynch even though so many Democratic-Party-oriented sites have been complaining that the Republicans have been holding up her nomination as US Attorney General.

Right on cue today, I was handed this blog post:

condi_n_loretta-2Lynch sees nothing wrong with the NSA harvesting everyone's email, phone and other communications. She's got no problem with the president ordering the drone murder of US citizens or foreigners, whoever. She's OK with prosecuting whistle blowers and journalists for “espionage” and she's not the least bit interested in lowering the prison population, curbing asset forfeitures, ending the failed 40 years war on drugs, or restraining and demilitarizing the police.

Those who imagine that there's some virtue in having black faces in high legal places need to check their priorities. They ought to be asking why black lawyers who file suits against corporate polluters, black lawyers who defend the victims of police torture and abuse, black lawyers who represent the evicted and afflicted, who expose the abuses and war crimes of the CIA, NSA and the Pentagon are never considered for leading roles at the Department of Justice or anywhere else in government.

Source: Loretta Lynch is Condoleeza Rice With A Law Degree | Black Agenda Report

Well, if that's who she is, Barack Obama should have nominated someone worth fighting for. I say dump her and try again with someone who'd actually be good for the nation. When the Republicans hold that person up, take it to the people via the bully pulpit.

UPDATE April 23, 2015: It's a shame she was confirmed by the US Senate today.

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