Not Straight: "Pope Francis’s 2015 war on climate-denying capitalists - MarketWatch"

This article strangely calls Pope Francis a socialist and lauds him for it but then says the following:

MW-DC546_Pope_F_20150104105901_ZHFrancis’s 10 strategies may not only save civilization and Planet Earth from disappearing, they may even save capitalism, conservatism and democracy ... yes, hope does spring eternal.

Source: Pope Francis’s 2015 war on climate-denying capitalists - MarketWatch

Francis has not yet shown himself a Christian/communist (the way Jesus and his closes disciples were and are) but a "liberal" in the current American sense of the term.

If what he wants saves capitalism, he'll have done an anti-Christ thing. Capitalism, per se, is inherently anti-Christ and so too is secular democracy. As for conservatism, the only ideology worth conserving is authentic Christianity, meaning exactly what Jesus meant and still means, what he said and is still saying by it, and what he did and will do based upon the foregoing.

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