Muslims (Mobsters/Terrorists) Reject $1M Ransom for 230 Christians

isis-assyrianAssyrian leader reveals the terror group is now demanding $23m, $100,000 each, for the captives.

Source: ISIS reject $1m offer for release of 230 Assyrian hostages

Even the most twisted reading of the New Testament could never result in this sort of thing.

It happens with so many Muslims reading the Qur'an because Mohammed allowed  for all sorts of abominations in God's eyes: violence; vengeance (rather than  leaving wrath and vengeance to God by turning the other cheek and leaving off sin, in which case there wouldn't be any such wrath or vengeance); Jizya (protection money and ransom); blood money; turning people into slaves (including sex slaves); selling people for a huge profit; and on an on an on.

What is a "moderate" or any other so-called kind of Muslim other than someone severely misled and in deep, deep denial?

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