Ultimate Goal Homosexual Community Openly Agree or Else

Let’s understand what happened here. This Christian jeweler agreed to custom-make engagement rings for a lesbian couple, knowing that they were a couple, and treated them politely. But when they found out what he really believed about same-sex marriage, even though the man gave them polite service, and agreed to sell them what they asked for, the lesbian couple balked, and demanded their money back — and the mob threatened the business if they didn’t yield. Which, of course, he did.

You understand, of course, that this is not about getting equal treatment. The lesbian couple received that. This is about demonizing a point of view, and driving those who hold it out of the public square. Just so we’re clear about that.

I bought some olive oil not long ago at a tiny grocery store owned by an Arab Muslim immigrant. If I find out that the merchant supports ISIS, am I entitled to declare my jug of olive oil tainted, and demand a refund? Is a fundamentalist Christian permitted to send her osso buco back to the kitchen if she discovers that homosexual hands cooked it? Of course not. Some delicate snowflakes are more delicate than others.

I’m sorry that Esau Jardon gave in to this intimidation, but I suppose if you are a small businessman, you have no choice once the mob turns on you. It does indicate, though, the next phase in the March of Progress. You must not only bake the cake, or arrange the flowers, or make the ring, you must hold the correct opinion when you do it.

Source: Heads LGBTs Win, Tails Christians Lose | The American Conservative

"I’m sorry that Esau Jardon gave in to this intimidation...." I'm not sure that's what he did.

You may think that were Esau to tell people in advance his religious position on marriage and still offer to make rings that, that would be enough. It wouldn't.

The ultimate goal of the homosexual community (in general) is to force everyone to openly agree with them or else face the full weight of the coercive state with the power to lock people up until death and also put people to death. Many homosexuals would have no problem with burning Christians to death at the stake. They'd crucify Jesus again in a heartbeat.

The homosexuals who are appalled by their fellow homosexuals who would murder Christians via the state as proxy and murder them for simply disobeying orders to renounce Christianity and embrace homosexuality, mostly keep silent rather than standing up to the vicious, violent, utterly deranged tyrants among them.

Are you old enough to remember the homosexual movement insisting that if they, the homosexuals, were "tolerated," they wouldn't go on to demand the very things they're demanding?

Are you old enough to remember all the lies they told to change society's mind?

If you don't care what's happening to Christianity (towards Jesus) at the hands of homosexuals, you'll reap what you're sowing. There are inescapable consequences for your soul for your actions and inactions.

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