What Obama Should Do: "Iraq Turns on US, Wants Russia Iran as Battle Partners"

11041501...we have Sunni militants terrorizing both Syria and Iraq and instead of working with the Iranians to oust those extremists, Washington is busy downplaying their successes and supporting the proxy armies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar even as those proxy armies behead Westerners and burn Jordanian pilots alive.

This is a travesty and an absolute farce.

The US is on the wrong side of history here and it's too late to correct it.

Source: Iraq Turns on US, Wants Russia Iran as Battle Partners

Well, it most certainly isn't too late to correct.

Barack Obama pivoted when he struck a chemical-weapons deal concerning Syria. He pivoted when he struck a nuclear deal concerning Iran. Now he simply needs to pivot and strike a deal with Putin concerning the entire planet.

Russia is not, repeat, is not the enemy of the United States. There is no good reason whatsoever that the US and Russia shouldn't be the closest of allies, including with Crimea being part of Russia and including with the people of Donbas being reasonably autonomous from Kiev.

Russia could have been America's close ally long ago, but George H.W. Bush was too slow to grasp the golden opportunity that was placed in his lap.

The Russian people make their President Putin very popular in Russia. That's their democratic choice. Contrary to claims against him, President Putin will (again) adhere to term limits, per the Russian constitution.

What President Barack Obama must do is more of what he has already done: turn a deaf ear to the neocons, which has been the smartest thing he's ever done.

There are plenty of further refinements he should make, especially concerning Turkey's utterly stupid and evil approach toward the YPG (Kurds); but if he will realign with Russia and then put his foot down against the political Zionists in Israel concerning a final resolution of the Palestinian crisis to bring it to a close with the Palestinians having full nation-state status recognized by the US and Russia, etc., he would go down in history as perhaps the President who learned the most in office about foreign policy, grew accordingly, took huge decisions (likewise accordingly), and prevailed.

I realize that none of this is "Christian," per se; but it doesn't mean that I don't simultaneously call upon all the nations of the world to turn to peace. I do make that call, but they are afraid.

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