Netanyahu Need Not Fear a Thing From Obama, Obama Tells Netanyahu

11071501Two days after I issued my statement here about "a final resolution of the Palestinian crisis," Rob Malley, a White House National Security Council Middle East official, reportedly speaking officially on behalf of Barack Obama, responded as follows:

The president has said we have to reach a realistic assessment that there will not be a comprehensive final status agreement in the remainder of his term, and there likely may not be meaningful negotiations between the two sides.

Now that's what I call extremely poor US foreign policy and psychology.

If Barack Obama sticks to that for the rest of his term, it will only be because he wouldn't stand up to the Zionists. Here he is in his last term. The Zionists can't threaten to campaign against him for reelection.

What he could easily do is what George H.W. Bush did in George's first and only term: stand up to them. Why is Barack not yet willing to do that?

Is he concerned that if he were to try, he'd fail, that they would shoot him down (figuratively or literally)? Would they ruin his post-presidency, as they've worked to do concerning Jimmy Carter? Is he afraid they'd open the money spigot even more for the Republicans, even though Hillary Clinton is an even more devout Zionist then Obama has ever been, or ever will be, and he expects her to win the Democratic nomination? Is John Kerry just too tired?

What Barack Obama has told Benjamin Netanyahu is that Netanyahu has beaten him and that Netanyahu need not fear a thing from the chief US executive for the remainder of the current term. Sure, they'll still negotiate some things behind the scenes but nothing make-or-break: pathetic, consistently inconsistent, change but always not enough.

Is that too harsh? Look, we're talking about life and death issues here for tens and hundreds of millions of souls.

UPDATE: Check out this article by Juan Cole: "Netanyahu taps Squatter who called Obama Muslim hate sympathizer, as he demands $5 bn./yr. from U.S.":

... Israeli skinheads can spit on the US commander in chief all they want from the prime minister’s office, and he’ll just get out a hanky, wipe off the spittle, and meekly ask how much he should write the check for.

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