On the Islamic State: There are Muslims, and then there are "Muslims"

It's not a secret that I do not like Islam. That, however, does not mean that I am unaware that there are people who call themselves Muslims, who think they are following the Islam of Mohammed, who do not understand the actual requirements of the core text of Islam (the Qur'an) including within the historical context of the various battles and such that occurred during Mohammed's time and shortly after, during the establishment of the Caliphs.

Many of those self-styled Muslims (ignorant about the requirements of their core scripture or simply ignoring those requirements or falsely believing they can morph Islam into what the Qur'an rejects) stand opposed to the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

What I am saying to them is that their Qur'an requires all Muslim males of fighting age who are physically and mentally capable (and Islam is not a religion of pacifism under any stretch of the imagination save insanity) to come to the military aid as directly as possible of all fellow Muslims being militarily attacked by any entity. Yet, most of those self-styled Muslims do not do that requirement. IS, on the other hand, believes IS is laying the groundwork to do just that.

I am also saying that the vast majority of what IS is doing is definitely allowed and even required (it's beyond debating) by the Qur'an while those others, the self-styled ones, fail to do much at all, if anything, that is definitely required along military lines.

Lastly, I am saying that if those others do not want to engage in militarism against all who make war on Muslims (for whatever reason), I say good for them but that they need to understand that they are not Muslims except in name only and that what they should do, rather than attempting to "reform" Mohammed/Islam, is renounce their membership in Islam and even though Islam itself doesn't allow anyone the freedom to leave it.

Anyway, here are two links to data I believe those on all sides of the Islamic issue should read.

5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe

11181501In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS

Please note that a number of "Islamic" states were left out of the second one undoubtedly because Pew Research was unable to conduct adequate polls in those places for reasons beyond Pew's control, such as that the authorities wouldn't allow any such polls.

I do not like Islam (the Qur'an) at all. That does not mean I'm phobic concerning everyone who terms himself or herself "Muslim." I do fear ignorance causes, or at least allows, evil to be perpetuated.

Let us leave off slavery, fully allowed by Islam. That's just for starters. Let everyone admit that logic dictates that Mohammed's teachings could not possibly be for all time.

There is something obviously flawed about a man who abrogated his own earlier teachings while simultaneously claiming to be the final word from God right from the start. If he was the final word, his final word was pro-slavery and pro so much more that we know to be evil, especially when directly compared against the teachings of Jesus Christ revealed in the Gospels and not as deliberately distorted by Mohammed for the sake of worldly empire building couched in holiness.

As Jesus Christ said, "The truth will set you free." The Qur'an will not. Amen.

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