Gun Control: Fred Hampton

Many on the "right" are afraid of gun control because they don't trust government. Many people on the "left" agree with them about not trusting government. Here's an example of why.

12071501On December 4th, 1969, the police, the FBI, and prosecutor Edward Hanrahan joined forces. At night, under the guise of an arms raid, they entered the home of Fred Hampton under the leadership of the prosecutor. No one was given an opportunity to surrender before the police shooting began. Law enforcement fired about a hundred shots, hitting almost everyone in the dwelling.

Fred Hampton and fellow Panther Mark Clark were dead, killed in their sleep. Fred had been dosed with barbiturates by his bodyguard, who turned out to be an FBI informant.

Fred had just turned 21-years-old. He would be 66 today.

The raiders made one mistake. They left without securing the crime scene.

The Panthers led people on tours of the crime scene. The bullet holes went into Fred’s bedroom door. Many people couldn’t believe that the police could do such a thing. Others knew all too well.

At a mass, a local priest burst into tears as he tried to explain the meaning of Fred’s life to the African American schoolchildren.

“… the next thing I knew here was one of our eighth grade boys – he jumped up and said, ‘I am Fred Hampton.’ And then a girl in the sixth grade, she jumps up. ‘I am Fred Hampton.’ Another kid in first grade, ‘I am Fred Hampton.’ And before you knew it the whole church, kids were all shouting, ‘I am Fred Hampton.’”

The LAPD tried a similar raid on the LA Panthers five days later. Geronimo Pratt was in charge of the chapter’s defense. Pratt, a Vietnam veteran, made sure the entire headquarters was lined with sandbags. The LA Panthers held off the LAPD in a four hour gun battle. No one died.

This humiliation of the LAPD led to the birth of the SWAT team, which quickly spread to every corner of the land.

Source: On December 4th, Remember The Life Of Fred Hampton | PopularResistance.Org

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