Right & Wrong: "Western Media Ignores Putin's Progress in Syria"

Here's Mike Whitney's article: Western Media Ignores Putin’s Progress in Syria

01301601I'm not going to quote from it but just quickly address some mistakes.

First of all, Putin wants the Peace Talks very much.

Second, if Turkey invades Syria against the YPG, it won't just be Russia against that move but also the US. In fact, I believe that the US President would be a fool not to inform Erdogan that any such plan to invade Syria against the YPG is vetoed by the President, Barack Obama. I believe Obama knows that. If not, he will soon.

Look, the US and Russia need to work things out globally and can if there's enough vision on both sides. Russia is not America's enemy unless the US tries to dictate to the Russian people who they, the Russians, may freely choose to lead them.

US foreign policy toward Russia since before the fall of the Berlin Wall has been utterly stupid. The Wall came down. The US should have aided and befriended Russia, not to set up a dog-eat-dog, laissez-faire-capitalist system but to do the right thing by all Russians, who really have aspirations very similar to the vast majority of Americans and others around the world.

If you expect Russia to knuckle under to become a vassal state of the American Empire, you're looking for global war from which nothing good will come.

The Russian leadership is quite able to be reasoned with. They truly want an honest relationship with the US. The only real obstacles lie in the US, not Russia.

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