Sometimes Paul Krugman is an [expletive deleted]: Shadows of Smears Past

"Clinton, who has said that coal is on its way out, is a tool of the fossil-fuel industry because some people who work in that industry gave her money? Wow." What? How about Clinton isn't a tool of the fossil-fuel industry because she said that coal is on its way out? Wow. She wouldn't say things just to get elected, would she?


Tom Usher

You know, the conservatives aren't always wrong about her. She did claim that she had to run for cover due to landing while the airport was under sniper fire. That was a lie, Paul. You do know that, right? She also pretended not to know anything about weapons being transferred by the CIA from Libya to Syria (to jihadis) via Turkey (our "good friend," the dictator, Erdogan). You knew that too, right? Shall I go on? I can and quite a while too.

About the Sanders end game.

Source: Shadows of Smears Past

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