Hmmm: "Bernie Sanders To Stay A Democrat For Life And Support Clinton If She Is The Nominee"

Have you seen this?

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign manager Jeff Weaver announced this evening [Apr 20th, 2016] that Sen. Sanders will be a member of the Democratic Party for life, and he will support Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination.

Source: Bernie Sanders To Stay A Democrat For Life And Support Clinton If She Is The Nominee

Then there's this: "Why We Need a #Movement4Bernie." That's from: "Socialist Alternative."

What's my take?

If Bernie has corrected his manager about being a Democrat for life, I haven't seen it or heard about it.

He's going to have to be severely abused (some more) by the Party bosses before he'll be able to change without looking more wishy-washy than he already does to some highly influential types on the left holding their noses voting for him.

The Democratic Party is still much more DLC than not. Bill Clinton rode in selling the Party on disastrous economic neoliberalism ("to win") rather than fighting the good fight for the grass roots.

Bernie is now fighting for control of the Party. If he wins, I'll be very pleasantly surprised. It might take another generation. If he loses, then that party should definitely be crushed out of existence and replaced by one bringing forth.

This does not mean I think Bernie sees nearly enough light concerning monetary and banking reform. For one, he's kept talking taxes rather than debt-free money.

UPDATE: How the DNC Just Rigged the National Convention to Destroy Bernie Sanders

Unsurprisingly, they are providing him with reasons.

He should make a public statement that if this stuff keeps up, if the Party doesn't let the Sanders campaign be fairly represented in the convention committees, he'll consider a third-party run (and mean it).

Of course, the Republican establishment would then figure on backing and controlling Trump, which, fortunately, Trump would likely not accept. Why would he? Let the Republican Party also split along ideological lines.

So, there would be "scorched earth" for, and caused by, the DLC-cum-DNC (Clintonites), not Sanders or his backers.

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