Elizabeth Warren just lost me

Elizabeth didn't mention any of the problems with Hillary's funding ("Victory" deal with the Democratic Party). She didn't mention the election problems across the country that definitely massively suppressed Sanders' results.

I'm not for the ACA. I'm for single-payer. I'm not for Dodd-Frank. I'm for public banking only: banking as a public utility only.

Clintonomics proved a disaster. The Clintons presided over deregulations that caused the Great Recession.

Hillary truly has not seen the light domestically or internationally.

The vast majority of "liberals" who went for Hillary are Zionists. That's really, really, really important to understand.

Political Zionism in Israel is plainly and simply racist. It is clearly Jewish supremacism. They come right out and say it: that Jews deserve preferential/privileged treatment in Israel.

Those "liberals" don't want that discussed. At the same time, those same "liberals" will throw the term "privilege" at Sanders supporters. It doesn't get more hypocritical, and that's not agreeing with them that Sanders supporters are his supporters out of anything "privileged."

Who's closer to the billionaire class anyway, Hillary or Bernie?

Tom Usher

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