A vote for Hillary is: Clintonites in Democratic Party Back Settler Colonialism (Not a 1905 Headline) | Informed Comment

A vote for Hillary Clinton is not a vote against Trump. It's a vote for Hillary and all that she stands for and against. Hillary is a Zionist through and through. You vote for her, you vote for that.


Tom Usher

If you think that you should vote for her to keep Trump out, you do not understand that you are continuing the long process of undermining truly progressive politics. Truly progressive politics will never come to rule in the US if people continue to be duped into voting for what they don't really believe in because someone allegedly worse (I say Hillary is more of an existential risk than is Donald Trump) might otherwise win.

Jill Stein and the Green Party are right there. You can cast your vote for Jill and for that Party. Where she's not allowed on the ballot and where you are allowed to write her in, you may do that. Just be sure to find out exactly how and what to write, to write her in correctly. She is the most progressive candidate with a shot at garnering enough support in the polls to be allowed in the national debates against both Trump and Clinton, no small thing that. She can be the beginning of a truly progressive resurgence in the US.

Is she perfect? No.

Is the system able to be peacefully changed within? That will depend upon the plutocrats, whether they will resort to more violence to suppress and oppress the People.

The Clinton loyalists debating the Democratic Party platform have defeated an amendment that would have called for an end to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and condemned Israeli squatter settlements illegal.

Source: Clintonites in Democratic Party Back Settler Colonialism (Not a 1905 Headline) | Informed Comment

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