Distraction: Trump nuclear danger/Putin's man. Truth: Clinton proven reckless

It's interesting how the same people who accuse Donald Trump of being too dangerous for the nuclear codes also accuse him of being in Putin's hip pocket. Make up your minds!


Tom Usher

It's really all a distraction so we don't discuss how reckless and dangerous Hillary Clinton has already proven herself to be.

How many millions are needlessly dead as a direct result of her advice? Meanwhile, she ramps up her war-hawkishness for all to see (and to ignore or gloss over if one is "liberal").

I'm not with Trump or Clinton. As for which is the lesser of evils; if you think you know it's Hillary, you'll find out how wrong you are if she gets elected.

She'll take military brinkmanship to a level unprecedented in US Presidents; and if she isn't force to back down, the US will suffer a direct nuclear strike.

Everything she's talked about doing regarding Syria, Iran, Russia, and more is all extremely bad foreign policy and, in keeping with her character and style, extremely belligerent and aggressive.

Yes, she listens. Then she always does the wrong thing militarily.

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