Putin's Measured Response in Face of Clear Act of War

Talk about a measured response!

He gives the USA all the room it needs to "gracefully" change direction (for cause, not that Victoria Nuland and the rest of the megalomaniacal neocons and so-called liberal interventionists, such as Hillary Clinton, weren't cheering them on if not directly behind it via the CIA).

It's amazing that he didn't say that it was an outright act of war and say that if it happens again, Russia will invade and occupy Ukraine and that if the USA and/or any NATO country starts further building up the Ukrainian military and intelligence services in the face of Ukrainian aggression against Russia in Crimea or elsewhere in Russia, Russia will not wait to invade and fully occupy Ukraine to replace its neoliberal/neo-Nazi regime with a legal, democratic one (which would be Russia's right to do under current international law to which the USA is signatory, not that, that's ever stopped the USA from being hypocritical and blatantly reneging on its written, binding promises and for no reason other than the USA's global hegemonic ambitions).


Tom Usher

Remember, the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly in a free and fair referendum to join themselves to Russia. The USA was fine with the breakup of Yugoslavia and with Kosovo voting to leave. If Yugoslavia can be broken up, why not Ukraine? If Kosovo could leave, why not Crimea?

Let's also remember the USA reneging on the ABM Treaty and on the expansion of NATO.

If I were Putin, I would remind the American People that America is under the most propagandistic system ever devised and utilized in the history of humanity. I would also state that I'd be willing to stack up the legitimacy of Russia's democracy against that of the USA any day of the week.

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