On: "The Silencing of Leftist Clinton Critics—Justified by TrumpFear (®)—Is a Failure of Accountability"

I don't agree with Donald Trump's domestic economics. It's worse than Hillary Clinton's, and hers is quite bad. He's been a loose talker/canon (careless/reckless) on race, though Hillary too clearly backs the Apartheid (ethnically bigoted) aspects of Israel and probably more so than does Donald.

08281601However, he does seem capable of learning progressivism, which suggests he'd continue learning in office, something I don't see happening in earnest with Hillary at all (only for show).

Also and most importantly, Donald's foreign policy is vastly superior to Hillary Clinton's. She is much more likely to cause serious damage if not global war.

So, why is it "absolutely critical to defeat Trump, even if it means voting for Clinton"? I don't see it.

Putting foreign policy second seems to me to be highly selfish of shortsighted people who also don't savvy blowback.

That's my brief commentary concerning: "The Silencing of Leftist Clinton Critics—Justified by TrumpFear (®)—Is a Failure of Accountability."

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