Hillary Clinton is a Gigantic Liar Wrapping Herself in the American Flag and Distorted Exceptionalism

Hillary Clinton does not know what "American exceptionalism" means at all. What it means, and always has, is that certain Americans have believed that there's something in the American DNA (race-based) that makes them exceptional, that even with education, the other people just don't respond correctly. They can't handle "American-style" democracy, etc.

Read her full speech made to the American Legion: "Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech Touting ‘American Exceptionalism’."


Tom Usher

Let's also remember Honduras and Hillary Clinton's direct support for a fascist coup against the duly elected President of Honduras.

She also wasn't for the Iran deal. She was for harder sanctions that shouldn't have been put into place in the first place. They didn't have a nuclear-weapons program. She still claims they did. She has seen the "intelligence" saying they did not, yet she still spreads the flat-out lie!

She wants a no-fly zone in Syria (against whom, Russia?)

She calls Russia a threat. Russia hasn't started a thing against the US or anyone else. Russia under Putin and Medvedev has been reacting to direct, huge provocations, not starting wars. They aren't stupid. They know there are Americans in high places who want regime change in Russia by evil means for evil ends: to put a compliant neoliberal-puppet in place as Russia's leader. Hillary Clinton is one of those Americans.

She claims Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee when everyone knows that is nothing but an allegation. That's a reckless accusation against Russia. Hillary Clinton knows that the allegation has not been definitely substantiated, not even close. Yet, here she is flat-out lying about Russia. It's a lie to say they did it when she doesn't know they did at all (and she doesn't).

This is a woman who wants you to vote for her to lead the United States of America. Well, if you vote for her, you'll be getting exactly what you deserve for doing so: a blatant liar and a blatant spreader of purely false propaganda to saber rattle.

As far as I'm concerned, she's a maniac; and no amount of Trump-hating will alter that, not that he's not been pretty reckless himself.

She leaves a trail of death behind her, death of plenty of innocents.

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