Nitpick Trump, Ignore Hillary "Killary"

It is simply astounding to me how people who are opposed to Trump nitpick him (though he has made some relatively major errors for a private citizen and is difficult to definitively read/understand) while lauding Hillary by ignoring everything she has done making the world vastly worse during her time as a public official.

Her asinine choices resulted in the needless death of hundreds of thousands of people, many of them innocent women and children, the infirmed, the aged....

She helped overthrow democracies and install fascists!

She now blatantly lies about Russian hacking in her bid to rev up the replacement for the Cold War against the Soviet Union that risks nuclear WWIII more so than even the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Do you know how easy it is to get a high rating as a charity while not showing where the money really ends up? I do.

She's rich, very, very rich, and became that way mostly by money from sources she claims to stand against. They weren't paying her to tell them what they didn't want to hear from her. You know that.

I could go on and on, but people don't hear what they don't want to hear. They want to pretend that they know she's the lesser of evils. Well, I don't know that she is the lesser of evils, far from it! Neither do you.

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