All Eyes on Bernie Sanders

So, before I read what everybody else thinks, I want to dive right into what matters (not that some others won't be doing the same): Bernie Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders

Some people are in a state of shock that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. I'm not one of them. When it looked more and more likely that Bernie Sanders wouldn't pull it out (due to his lack of foreign-policy chops, which he did start to develop during the campaign), I made it quite clear that it was doubtful Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump.

From the start, I had wanted Bernie to leave himself the out that if the Democratic Party abused what the system is supposed to be, he'd run third party. Obviously, he didn't do that. He didn't because he retained, and retains, hope that the Bernie Movement will still take over the Democratic Party.

Here's the deal. The leadership of the Democratic Party is now Bernie Sanders' to lose. The Senate (assume) minority leader will not be the real political leader of that party. If Bernie does everything right but that party still does not fall into line behind him, then he must exit for a third party, as the Democratic Party will have proven itself useless going forward.

Bernie Sanders, as the Democratic nominee, would have beaten Donald Trump and done so soundly. His coattails would have meant a great deal in down-ballot races as well. Sadly, the Democratic Party chose (sort of) Hillary Clinton and her machine instead.

She did not lose for being too progressive but rather for being too corporatist (among other things)! She did not lose due to Jill Stein either, not even close.

So, all eyes on Bernie Sanders. He must stand up and do so immediately as the chief critic of Donald Trump where the two do not agree. Where Donald Trump wants to do right things, Bernie should fully support him in his efforts, such as greatly reducing tensions with Russia hopefully to completely lift all sanctions and to make Russia a very close ally of the US, as should have, and could have, happened while Mikhail Gorbachev was still in power!

Let me close by stating that I do not agree with Bernie Sanders on all issues, far from it. For instance, he's way too fiscally conservative for me. He does not understand the potential of proper monetary and banking reforms. Taxes are not the way forward. As I've been writing for more years than I can remember, money financing of fiscal spending is (for starters).

Read this: Monetary-and-Banking-Reform Platform for The United States

Let the light in. Lift the bottom first. Leave absolutely nobody behind for any reason. Invest in what we need most in a prioritized manner. Make peace.

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