The Nation Needs an Anti-Racism Statement From Trump that Sanders Accepts

I think Donald Trump should meet with Bernie Sanders to discuss developing a joint statement Bernie can obviously back concerning Donald's views on race, ethnicity, and religious freedom under the US Bill of Rights.

1221150102051601I'd like to see Trump and Sanders standing side-by-side where Donald Trump denounces racism in no uncertain terms.

It would be the best thing right now. The timing is right not to let things fester any longer under the impression, many openly state and believe, that Donald Trump is a racist.

Addressing that head-on is not about dignifying anything but the Office of the President of the United States and the incoming office holder. I say that because any argument within Trump's team that doing so would "dignify" attacks against Trump should not be considered by Donald Trump. The issue is way too important for that. Also, as I said, many people genuinely believe he is a racist. He needs to be clear and firm that he is not, and then he must show that he's not by his further words and deeds.

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