Zealous Intersectionality and Extreme Identity-Politics: Reverse Invidious-Discrimination

The zealous intersectionality and extreme identity-politics of self-styled, supposed American-liberal social-justice warriors is resulting in reverse invidious-discrimination no better than the racism of the KKK and largely based upon identical premises only applied to whites rather than blacks in the case of that KKK and typically most often applied to straight-white males, as if all straight-white males are inherently inferior and undeserving of equal rights under the law.


Tom Usher

What an utterly disgusting turn of events this has turned out to be, as tens of millions of straight-white males fought vigorously and genuinely for civil rights and against the KKK and their ilk and which straight-white male civil-rights advocates in no way were inherently, or otherwise, biased against blacks, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who largely inspired rather than repulsed in any manner those straight-white males.

If it is wrong to lump all black lesbians together by way of saying they all have inherent biases against whites, straights, and males those black women can never overcome, then it is equally wrong to lump all straight-white males together in the same assuming, unsubstantiated fashion. There is absolutely zero scientific or other evidence to support the notions of blanket intersectionality or the employment of extreme identity-politics.

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