Friedrich Hayek was Backwards

Venezuela reminds us that socialism frequently has to struggle against neoliberal-economic types who wish by any means to re-enslave the masses under the neofeudalism inherent in capitalism. Then those neofeudalists turn around and point the finger at those struggling not to be re-enslaved and call any of their leaders dictators no matter how democratically those leaders have been chosen and rechosen.


Tom Usher

Let's get some things straight. Venezuela's poor were suffering mightily before Chavez. Venezuela has a history of neoliberal dictators. Chavez overturned that. The poor benefited hugely. Was he able to do everything he wanted before oil prices collapsed? No. Was he intending to keep Venezuela bound to oil as its main revenue source? No. Is the author (link further down in the text) correct to point at Venezuela as worse than other oil states because Venezuela didn't do as well in the face of the price collapse? No.

Venezuela has probably the most expensive oil-refining requirements because it is extremely heavy crude. Look at what happened to Canada's tar sands in the face of the same price collapse. Alberta suffered huge losses too, but Canada wasn't subjected to the same forces that had impoverished the masses of Venezuela. You don't see the CIA trying to overthrow the Canadian government. You do see it trying to overthrow Maduro, even though Maduro has caved into neoliberal economics to a degree Chavez never would have.

Let me add that the laissez-faire fakes (I say fakes because they always and everywhere want the government to clamp down on all competition from anything remotely socialist) always omit that the more socialist the nation, the more sanctions are placed upon it even in infancy. Why is that? It's because the capitalists know they can't compete against socialism and win. They call it unfair trade. Can you believe it? I hope you can. Libertarian-capitalists are hypocrites. There's no way to be one and not be.

Please notice how the title of the article used the term "frequently." Ha! We are winning that debate, obviously. They never used to qualify it. They would simply say that socialism always fails, etc. People have been taking them to task for that and rightly so. I'm one of them and gladly so.

Look, just because some people employ central planning doesn't mean that, that's the way it's done everywhere. What about the socialists who don't? What about all the employee-owned entities that own the means of production but are highly democratic within and that advocate that same democracy without? Where's the finger-pointing? Well, the hyper-capitalists, who call others economic illiterates (the irony of it), don't want to draw the world's attention to the socialist success stories out there we could model globally and should.

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Lift the bottom first.

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Invest in what we need most in a prioritized manner.

Make peace.

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