Trump's Reckless Attack on the Syrian Military at Shayrat

I want to be clearly on the public record strongly denouncing Donald Trump's action attacking the Syrian military in Shayrat for alleged chemical-weapons use in Khan Sheikhoun. It was a very dumb thing to do, and that's an understatement. To attack a nation solely on unsubstantiated allegations is the height of folly. That cannot be overstated.


Tom Usher

Donald Trump doesn't have, and never will have, proof that the Syrian military carried out the alleged chemical attack. On the contrary, the timing of the entire episode, on the heels of the Trump administration having said that it was not focused on ousting Assad but rather combating IS and on the heels of the Syrian military's advances nearly across-the-board, clearly suggests that Trump caved into the neocon's agenda, which is appalling. Assad didn't need to use chemicals and knew full well that doing so would be counterproductive to his cause.

I only pray that Vladimir Putin will, relatively speaking, remain the grownup in the room (the global stage). Of course within Mr. Putin's worldview, there is only so much he can tolerate before directly confronting the US militarily.

If this is Trump's idea of brinkmanship, he's grossly miscalculating. His advisors, the one's he's agreed with in the decision to attack Syria, are woefully foolish.

A pattern will finally emerge that will tell us what Trump really thinks he's doing and what he thinks he can get away with in both the short and long run.

My impression concerning this recent episode is that President Trump is erratic and more of a shallow thinker than he'd like the world to believe. It appears he was manipulated by the neocons and so-called liberal interventionists into militarily striking Syria before hard evidence gave even the semblance of justification under international and domestic secular law.

When he was running for President, he scolded Hillary Clinton that she did not know that Russia (that President Putin) had hacked the DNC or hacked her illegal server or Podesta's emails or the election, etc. He said that there wasn't evidence available to definitively conclude Russia did any of those things. Yet, here we are with that same man, Donald Trump, authorizing/ordering the US military to hit the Syrian military based upon evidence that is no more substantial than what he, Trump, said was insufficient in the case of Russia and hacking. So, we see Trump go from sober to drunk, if you will.

It also seems quite clear to me that the "news" media was put into lockstep and in high gear to gin up just such an attack.

Who benefits? The US military industrial complex, the US global imperialists, those who hate Vladimir Putin because he doesn't agree with the sexual-anarchy movement of the United States, those who hate Basher Assad because he doesn't want neoliberal/corporatist economics running unbridled in Syria after the war (and it will end), that's who.

One thing is quite clear (and it's no fake), Donald Trump was never in Vladimir Putin's pocket, not even close. It's not the reason Trump did what he did. He didn't do it to prove that.

Trump did complain during the campaign that President Obama had made a huge mistake concerning the "red line" on chemical weapons. We are to believe that Donald Trump believed then that the Syrian military was responsible.

So, he's not as bright as he thinks he is. He's more easily manipulated. He's more gullible. We're all less safe in the flesh for it.

Hillary Clinton already was at foolish odds with Putin. We wouldn't have been better off with her.

It remains to be seen whether Trump can learn and correct his course before he sails humanity over the edge of no return. Let us pray.

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