Putin's New World Order v. the Other: Armageddon If

When reading the linked article by Mike Whitney (below), keep the following in mind. The issue of national sovereignty wouldn't be in the fore were it not for the indisputable fact that most "unions" are formed to be less democratic and more technocratic with the technocrats specifically required to do the ultimate bidding of anti-democratic elitists. This is largely why globalization has earned such a bad reputation on the left, which allows laissez-fair capitalists (inherently anti-democratic) to capitalize on anti-globalization.


Tom Usher

If we want union and globalization of the right kind, we have no option but full-blown democracy from the bottom up and top down and completely across in every direction on every dimension. Furthermore, if we don't do that, if we remain fractured, if we fail to be open and transparent and honest, we seal in Armageddon.

You may not believe in that prophecy, but I do. I'm not saying it's not figurative in the Bible. God is not clothed in a purple robe and sitting in a golden thrown floating on a cloud (not that he couldn't manifest that way if he wanted to). Neither is he some flying spaghetti monster to be easily dismissed as such. (Who thought up that one?)

Those who refer to themselves as fundamentalist Christians will agree that one ought to believe in the prophecy of Armageddon, but many of them will make the huge anti-Christ mistake of thinking that bringing and hastening Armageddon is somehow a Christian's responsibility. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus is extremely clear that it is terrible that the People don't turn away from what causes war. That truth is what warmongers want to suppress or distort.

Blessed are the peacemakers. There's no way around that. War is a curse. If you don't know that, you're really blind.

Many fundamentalist Christians will also take exception to full-blown democracy. It's a strange way of supporting the confused, capitalist hierarchy heading the world into Armageddon. Those fundamentalists will point primarily to Paul and his letter to the Romans as "proof text." However, the express words of Jesus that restrain the scope of Paul's words will be deliberately ignored.

Jesus and his apostles live from one purse. Furthermore, after Jesus ascended, his apostles continued sharing all in all. They continued living communally, socialistically, totally pacifistically, and never taught there would be a time to teach that there would be some better, different way to live together. By doing it, they voted for it. It was their free choice. They were not coerced into it. They were severely persecuted for it, especially by their fellow Jews who didn't want the status quo disturbed. Nevertheless, the apostles taught their followers to do as Jesus and they had done together, share all in all and be peacemakers, never war-makers, though many followers were lukewarm at best and obviously deviated more and more over successive generations right up to the present when the true teachings are hidden even in the vast majority of churches.

So, if you've read about Armageddon, you might be thinking that it's a good thing because the wicked kill each other off and that it necessarily follows that the lack of Armageddon would be bad. I'm not going to teach in parables here, but the following is the truth and completely consistent with Jesus's teachings. The lack of Armageddon would mean that the People repented. They turned away from Armageddon. The Bible refers to this as God repenting. It's profound. God is not upset when a prophecy of destruction brought on by the utter evil and depravity of humanity doesn't happen. God is overjoyed that the People have seen the light, stopped, turned, made peace, and brought forth abundance and prosperity for each and all together, sharing all in all, with every cup overflowing. Now, who doesn't want that? The spirit that doesn't want that for the People is called "Satan" in the Bible.

Now read Mike's article: Putin's New World Order.

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