Leftists For Macron?

Le Pen is a nationalist ecologist/environmentalist, though she apparently supports nuclear energy. Her view is that unbridled globalization has wrought significant environmental damage that would not otherwise have occurred. She's right about that, of course. How different she is from Trump!


Tom Usher

I'm not a nationalist but do appreciate legitimate concerns about completely open borders whereby the criminally violent insane are simply free to move about at-will. In my town, a gang war started. Reportedly, the gangs solely consist of Mexican nationals law-enforcement says are "illegal aliens." It's not a joke. They've been killing each other here over graffiti wars. There have been innocent people caught up in the violence and hurt.

Do they have any business here? Should they have been allowed in? Should they be captured and deported to Mexican law-enforcement to deal with, to keep from attempting to re-cross the Mexican-US border?

Perhaps they should be held here and rehabilitated, or habilitated for the first time if they never have been. However, we aren't doing very well with our own homegrown gangs.

Furthermore, Le Pen is not anti-Semitic (anti-Jew in this context). She just visited a memorial for Jews taken by the Nazi Gestapo. She laid a wreath there. Neocons and hyper-Zionists have been doing their best to make out that she's a racist and ethnic bigot. I don't believe them. She was totally right that the France of WWII was occupied territory and that the real government of France was in London during the war and was not responsible for rounding up Jews. Nazi collaborators who were not the legitimate government but a Nazi installed/backed government did. The French People as a whole should not be even asked to bare collective guilt for that or even asked to apologize for it as a nation. They can certainly say they are sorry that some French people caved into the Nazis to the extent they did but would still be proper to remember the extreme duress the Nazis brought with them. After all and as I've pointed out elsewhere, there were Jews who collaborated with the Nazis too, both inside and outside the concentration camps. Do we ask all Jews to apologize in the sense the Jewish nation was collectively guilty? We do not, nor should we. So to those Jews who look to everyone else's "guilt," shame on you!

She also opposes the death penalty.

Lastly, her economic plan has been termed "socialist" by the National Review in the US. It's not quite that, but it is decidedly left of the so-called "center" of her rival for the Presidency, Macron, whom Melenchon (a real socialist) calls "the extreme of finance," hardly the center but economically far-right relative to Le Pen. Again, how different she is from Trump!

So, should you be for Macron? I'm not.

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