Ridiculous: Mensch, Schindler, Taylor, Palmer, Beauchamp

This article is ridiculous not because Mensch, Schindler, Taylor, and Palmer aren't ridiculous (they are) but because Zack Beauchamp is actually whining that their propaganda and fake news is so stupid, it's making it even more difficult for Zack's "toned-down" fake news to be salable. You see, once people really get into the habit of really, thoroughly questioning and investigating even what they once considered absolutely unquestionable, then they will take a long, hard look at Zack's claim:

...most conspiracy thinking has come to center on Russia, and for good reason: There’s suggestive evidence of an actual conspiracy.

Ridiculous: Mensch, Schindler, Taylor, Palmer, BeauchampWe know that Trump’s team has a series of shady connections to the Kremlin. Some of Trump’s allies may have coordinated with Russian hackers to undermine the Clinton campaign. But we still don’t know the details of what actually happened, so there’s a huge audience of Democratic partisans who want someone to fill in the blanks for them.

That's total hogwash! There’s zero "suggestive evidence," and nobody knows about any "shady connections." There may be shady connections, but Zack has absolutely no information meriting calling any known connections (publicly known right now, as of the timestamp of this post) "shady."

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