Trump, Russia, and on and on: Why do false memes persist?

So, Jared Kushner wanted a back channel to the Russian leadership. First of all, what's wrong with that? Second of all, there wasn't one or he wouldn't have been asking to establish one. When did he ask and why? I would have done exactly the same thing. Don't speculate as if your stated speculations are stating proven facts rather than unsubstantiated speculations.

Russia did not invade Crimea. Russia already had a large Naval base there. The Crimean People are overwhelmingly ethnic Russians. Elements in Kiev vowed to severely oppress all things Russian. They outlawed political parties that are still legal here in the US. They removed Russian as a language and moved in the direction of even banning it. Ukrainian neo-Nazis savagely attacked and murdered trade unionists in Odessa. Kiev did nothing! The constitution of Ukraine was trashed more than ever with the direct funding of the US neocons running the so-called government of the US. The Crimeans pleaded with Putin to protect them from obvious fascists and neoliberals in Kiev. The Crimeans wanted to have a free and fair vote on leaving Ukraine and rejoining Russia. They did that very thing.

Ukraine was given away (to a degree) by Nikita Khrushchev when I was just a small boy. He never thought the USSR would disintegrate. He never thought the US would promise not to expand NATO if the USSR and Warsaw Pac would disband. The USSR did disband. The neoliberals (under George H.W. Bush) rushed into Russia to institute laissez-faire capitalism, which utterly ruined what was left of the Russian economy. Millions died as a result. Russia went into an economic depression that made the US Great Depression look like a picnic. NATO (primarily under Bill Clinton) enlarged exactly where the US said it would not.

Russophobia is hypnosis. You are to not only suspend belief, you are to accept whatever the neocons tell you. The neocons are the greatest practitioners of the Big-Lie tactic on the face of the Earth! It's a central tenant of their ideology. Here's that tenant in plain language: What those we dupe don't know and will refuse to find out will benefit us and to Hell with them, as they're not part of the "tribe" (literally). You're not supposed to say "tribe," as that will be labeled "anti-Semitic" even though plenty of Semites, plenty of Jews, don't like neoconservatism or Likudnik-Zionism, or Russophobia. You're supposed to cower instead, afraid that even though you know that neoconservatism is headed up by former Trotskyist Jews, there are way too many stupid, cowering people who will point the finger at you. It won't matter that you're 100% anti-racism and 100% against ethnic bigotry and are fine with Jews living in the US or anywhere else provided they aren't stealing other people's land while claiming the Bible as their deed to the land.

The President of the US would be highly remiss were he or she not to inform nations flying commercial jets, including with American citizens often on board (even neocons), of terrorist tactics to down such planes killing hundreds and perhaps thousands in multiple such attacks.

Claiming that Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian hacker (operating under any orders flowing from Vladimir Putin or Putin's government) is just a post-hypnotic suggestion. If you suck it up without even questioning it, you're a somnambulant (easy mark for the neocon false-propagandists; better wake up; better snap out of it).

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