The Banksters versus Putin and the People

Putin immediately faced a depression (deliberately caused by the West) that made the Great Depression in the US look like a picnic. He ousted oligarchs who weren't doing a thing for the People but only for themselves. Those oligarchs were lauded and fully backed by the West. He did not institute democratic socialism. He did place a great deal of emphasis on the welfare state and social democracy of the economic type, not with the social-anarchist bent pushed by so many in the West.


Tom Usher

Who's against him and why? Western bankers and their international financial allies are the driving force behind the movement to take him down. They want to be the top dogs everywhere. Putin's central banker gets technical/show awards from the global central-banking community, but she answers to Putin, not to those at the pinnacle of that banking cartel.

Xi is being tolerated and even lauded to drive a wedge and to attempt to embarrass Trump (relatively), but Xi will have the rug pulled out from under him the moment the top banksters decide he can't be handled and used enough to suit them. He's much more an authoritarian than is Putin, but the US MSM is given its talking points by the banksters' messengers.

The CIA, NSA, and Pentagon work for the banksters. Those who rise within the ranks of those institutions who don't finally catch on and don't finally go along are targeted and destroyed. That's your deep state. Edward Snowden and plenty of others don't yet know that. They will.

Putin didn't light the fires in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, or anywhere else.

The stories claiming he ordered hacking the US election are part of the scheme to install the banksters atop Russia (and Iran and China, not that Iran and China are ideal, far from it).

The real war is between laissez-faire capitalism and grass-roots democratic socialism. It's a war between the economic classes. It's a war between 1) those who will condone anything so long as they have the top economic and financial power and 2) those who want to eliminate poverty but don't want social and cultural license granted to do anything one might want to do regardless of the negative consequences for others. There is such a thing as decadence. That fact is being ignored for effect: to aid in toppling Putin. It's like aiding al Qaeda only to have that come back to haunt you: very shortsighted.

Is Putin the leader of the revolution? No. Is he its enemy? That remains to be seen. He's certainly also wrong on AGW. As for all the deaths of journalists, the CIA has a history of killing people and making it appear that the CIA's real target did it or ordered it. Putin doesn't say that he knows who killed whom. He does admit that there are Russians he considers patriots who will take matters into their own hands to save Russia from Western imperialism (actually bankster imperialism).

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