My Lai, Abu Ghraib, and Putin and Assad Did It

My Lai was a shock. It hit all the news. All the mainstream news covered it in great detail. Today, bombing multiple wedding parties is just a yawn: one news cycle and it's gone. When Seymour Hersh now says something, reports on something bigger than My Lai and Abu Ghraib combined, we get responses such as, "That was then, this is now. Hersh is just an Assad apologist," as if Sy Hersh stopped being the same kind of investigative reporter, par excellence. So, what's happened to individual's souls? I'll tell you. They are deader. That's a fact. Hersh sheds light. They call it darkness. They say his sources are no good, liars or nonexistent. Once upon a time, two generations ago, the same story by Hersh that he puts out today would have resulted in investigations as intense as the one's put forth for the Russiagate hoax. Who's winning the war? Well, let me ask you, whose side are you on?


Tom Usher

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