Will those who trumpeted the lies apologize for doing so?

The professional liars have been exposed again and again and again.... Will those who trumpeted the lies apologize for doing so? The honorable ones certainly will. When the consensus becomes that lying to bring people down is wrong, then there will be a basis for real hope for the People.


Tom Usher

Framing the consensus as the result of 17 separate analyses was just as obviously wrong in October as now in June. It’s always been clear that intel agencies run by the Coast Guard or the Department of Energy would not be expected to investigate and weigh in on an election hacking attempt.

The former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, said as much in a May Senate hearing. The Daily Caller News Foundation also addressed the claim in a fact check of a Hillary Clinton interview after she again reiterated it in May.

(Associated Press Corrects Big Falsehood In Four Trump-Russia Reports)

If the truth comes out from the left or right, good. Just be consistent. If you're on the left, don't knowingly let those on the left lie and get away with it. If you're on the right, don't knowingly let those on the right lie and get away with it. If neither side does that, if neither side stops the lies on both sides, then woe to both houses. Both will fall.

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