No, Jonathan Chait, We Don't Have a Road Map to the Trump Campaign’s Collusion With Russia

The idiocy of this article (Now We Have a Road Map to the Trump Campaign’s Collusion With Russia, by Jonathan Chait) would be astounding were it not for the fact that idiocy is the norm these days.


Tom Usher

Look, the article says the emails may or may not have been from "Russia" while also saying that they were from Russia. What is going on? Is it that everyone is smoking grass or taking acid or what?

That's just one glaring aspect. It happens all the time. When it's pointed out, many act as if they just don't care so long as it's anti-Trump.

Even more important is the fact that if the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia, then why in the world would the campaign not know the source of the emails and whether that source is credible in terms of actually having email the Russians also supposedly hacked right from Hillary Clinton or her email recipients, etc.?

Look, if Vladimir Putin ordered Clinton be hacked and then Putin's government said to the Trump campaign colluding with Putin that the Russia government has Hillary's emails and will give them to the Trump campaign, why would the Trump campaign not trust Putin and, more importantly, why would the Trump campaign not use its own cyber experts (you do realize Trump had, and has, computer whizzes, right?) to check the authenticity of the emails themselves? In addition, the Trump campaign could simply have submitted them to WikiLeaks, who would have done the heavy lifting on authentication for them.

Lastly, no such emails ever surfaced. The only emails anyone ever got were leaked via other means. Hillary's "legal" team destroyed the rest before the FBI could even see them (if the FBI even ever asked to see them: the ones destroyed before they were destroyed).

The article is nothing but quite wild speculation/propaganda, but what's new?

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