Identity, Orientation, Change Ban: A good end requires the whole truth

If sexuality is fluid (and it is) and if there are transgendered adults who've gone through sexual-reassignment surgery and hormone treatment, etc., only to regret it and stop taking the hormones (and there are), how can anyone of good conscience deny people the full, professional, nonjudgmental help of a therapist throughout the process? How can anyone say that counseling supportive of the client/patient should only be allowed in one direction and not back again? Doesn't the exact same thing apply to both gender identity and sexual orientation? If the therapy is completely non-coercive on the part of parents and therapist(s), how can the exact same thing also not apply to children, especially those who only became same-sex attracted after suffering same-sex sexual abuse? Why are those children thrown under the bus when sexuality has clearly been proven to be fluid, particularly for youths, and able to be modified via pure talk-therapy (no force, no lies)?


Tom Usher

It strikes me as an act of extremely selfish desperation on the part of people to deny such children assistance in regaining their prior opposite-sex orientation if that's what those children want. And how in the world can such therapy bans be justifiably extended to adults? Can you imagine being an adult wanting to modify same-sex attraction only to be told that it's illegal for a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist to affirm you in that goal and help you achieve it? What kind of freedom or liberty is that? Who's gaining what stranglehold on those professions and to what ultimate end?

Why are so many people so afraid to address this issue? I'm as economically, democratically leftist as anyone I know of (well to the left of Bernie Sanders' stated economic positions). However, I do not understand the supposed leftist-ness of being opposed to the "conservative" (I say it's actually very balanced civil-libertarian) position put forth in this linked article: "Special Report: Liberalism, Transgenderism, and Gay Conversion Bans," by Dennis Saffran.

Many "conservatives" won't like this, but from a leftist international relations and foreign policy position, look at it this way. Right-wing Zionists had a lock for the longest time on their issue. Any Jew not falling into line was smeared as anti-Semitic. Attempts to do that still occur but are having less and less impact. Little by little, more and more Jews, especially young ones, have stepped forward to not only question the right-wing narrative but actually denounce it as utterly inconsistent and counter-productive.

What may have happened is that a group has developed a near lock on the issues of identity and orientation to the extent that many economic leftists have been cowed and intimidated and are afraid to even question, let alone disagree with, those self-assigned gatekeepers who appear to insist that facts showing them wrong not be allowed to even be considered.

We are never going to be free until we put truth first. Using false means is never justified by truly good ends. False means always lead to a false end. A truly good end requires truth, whole truth, as the means.

Saying all sexual orientation is a result of being born that way was a lie. Saying that sexual orientation is immutable is a lie. We're at our current state on this issue as a direct result of those massive, deliberate lies. There is no way it's good.

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