Neoconservatism will throw anyone under the bus in order to "get" (throw mud at) Putin and Russia

Oh GOD! (Not in vain) As much as I am no Clinton or Trump fan, it is utterly clear to me that this article ("FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow") is deliberately written of, by, and for neoconservatism, which will throw anyone under the bus in order to "get" (throw mud at) Putin and Russia. Here's the problem. There may be a problem, but this article, at best, assumes waaaay too much. It is entirely one-sided. It doesn't say "alleged." It doesn't address why anyone should withhold or reserve judgement. It doesn't state why the FBI or anyone in it could have gotten things wrong or could even have fabricated or distorted things because of his or her or their wrongdoing or overriding ideology or orders from on high from who knows whom.


Tom Usher

Yes, someone went to prison, but anyone with any knowledge about what can, has, and could have happened, won't simply say that that's that, that that's "proof," or that even if it is proof of one party's guilt that it proves the entire thrust of the article.

Lastly, let's not forget that when all of this was happening, Putin was not quite the boogeyman he has by now been painted as being. Let's not forget that once upon a time, Putin was extremely open to getting along famously with the US and that it was the neocons surrounding George W. Bush, and GWB himself, who cast the first stones while Putin wasn't even guilty of even alleged crimes because the neocons didn't even allege any.

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