Poor: "National Security Strategy of the United States of America, DECEMBER, 2017"

I read the "National Security Strategy of the United States of America, DECEMBER, 2017" last night. It's a mixed bag loaded with falsehoods.


Tom Usher

  1. It's wrong on economics, as it promotes thoroughly discredited trickle-down.
  2. It's wrong on climate, as it promotes more carbon-fuel burning.
  3. It's wrong on Iran, as it calls Iran a huge terrorism supporter (which it definitely is not).
  4. It's wrong on Russia, as it denies the Crimeans' overwhelming free-and-fair referendum to join Russia and as it hypes false-propaganda (unsubstantiated accusations) concerning the Russian government "meddling" in other countries.
  5. It's wrong on Venezuela, as it supports neoliberal-economic policies and practices against the duly elected, social-democratic government there.
  6. It's missing the point on North Korea, as it doesn't properly assign blame for North Korea's reactions to regime changes (coups) orchestrated and/or supported by the US against other nations. (Though it does say that such coups and support for them will no longer be US policy or practice.)
  7. It doesn't condemn the election fraud by the right-wing government of Honduras, which lack of condemnation is stark hypocrisy since the US supports dictators such as the Saudis and also supports right-wing-Zionist land theft, and worse, against Palestinians and against international law to which the US is signatory and expressly bound therefore by our own US Constitution.
  8. It doesn't condemn the Saudis' war crimes against the Houthis of Yemen, which war crimes the US greatly facilitates via weapons and ammunition supplies, etc.
  9. It's wrong on defense spending. It's particularly wrong on nuclear weapons. International arms reduction and elimination is the right approach.
  10. It's wrong on supranational government, even though it pays some lip service to the United Nations. Thoroughly democratic international government is the right approach.

Those are just some of the most-glaring highlights.

It's a really poor strategy. It's the result of decidedly shallow thinking, low moral-standards, and PSYOPS aimed against foreign and domestic targets.

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