Turkey In Syria: Donald Trump, You Are Playing With Fire and Will Burn If You Don't Heed

The video below is important analysis of what's really going on in the area. However, the danger Erdogan poses is highly underestimated.

He's going in whether Putin and/or Trump tell him not to: that it would be totally counterproductive and won't remotely accomplish what Erdogan is falsely propagandizing (pretending to himself) it will. Also, what Trump is really up to is not even known at this point by Trump.

He has just crossed into territory where his deliberate madness doesn't have the method he intended even before deciding to run for office.

This is the biggest foreign policy event of Trump's administration so far and will set things in motion that Trump will not be able to control for the duration. He has made a huge error allowing the neocons to completely take over. His Presidency is going to go down in worse flames than his biggest detractors have even imagined if he doesn't completely reverse course, if he doesn't come right out and say and not flip-flop about it that the Syrian people alone will decide their next President and that if that's Assad, so be it: that's democracy.


Tom Usher

Obama switched on Libya (admitting it was his worse decision). Obama flipped on the "red line" nonsense and made a chemical-weapons-ban deal with Assad. He also flipped on Iran and stopped lying that Iran had a nuclear-weapons program but rather made a fantastic deal with Iran (the best that could be reasonably expected under the circumstances). Those were all things I advocated Obama do, and he did them. The Iran deal he has said was his best moment in foreign affairs, and it was.

Trump is going to have to switch on Assad and really mean it whether he wants to or not or go down due to his own blunder. There is no other choice. He better hear me. You better get it through to him.

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