On: "Let's wrench power back from the billionaires," by Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has published an article entitled, "Let's wrench power back from the billionaires." Here's my take on it.

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Bernie Sanders

It's not a question of whether but how. Do we do it by reforming from within or by taking over from without? Will Bernie have convinced enough people in time that the powers that be won't be able to shut him out of the next big race within?

We've all been witnessing firsthand the consistent, incremental marginalization of the more radically progressive elements of society starting with the most radical. I've watched as more and more people and outlets have been given the Tom-treatment (as I was marginalized long ago, well before them and even some of them because I wasn't always PC but rather principled, at least in my view). This process is old news to me.

We've seen Google, Facebook, and Twitter falling into line under neocon dictates, neocons who aren't simply going to rollover and play dead when Bernie makes another run at it.

Bernie has never made it clear that he will go third party if those powers that be abuse/cheat him, his campaign, and thereby his followers and supporters. Until he does that, I don't see how he'll takeover and really pull off a truly revolutionary change in the economic and political system. I understand his strategy and tactics of getting young economic progressives in the doors at whatever level of office they can, but will that be enough in time? I don't see it.

Of course, Trump's economy is going to turn sour, but will that happen in time too? I don't see that either. Even if it does, will the Clinton-wing, which is still right there, make the right moves in the face of it? How could they and remain Clintonites/corporatists?

There are other considerations, especially foreign policy regarding the right-wing Zionists Bernie has yet to really go after. Then there's the Russiagate nonsense too, but these are the reasons I'm so marginalized including by the left, perhaps even more than by the right. It's probably a toss-up.

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