Read (or listen): "Episode 330 – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct : The Corbett Report"

I disagree with James Corbett concerning anarchism. He's an anarchist. I'm for good government by the People from the bottom up no matter how wide the reach cross at the top. James is (unless he's changed) an Anthropogenic Global Warming Denier and an anarcho-capitalist. I am firmly in the AGW camp, a democrat (small-d), and not for capitalism, per se. I believe the end result of the most democratic system practicable is no capitalism.

That said, I find people who refuse to like or share or commend those they do not agree with on everything simply because of different ultimate targets or goals to be engaging in a self-centered, counter-productive practice in the end. I'm not trying to trash them but reach them. There is no reason why anyone who doesn't agree with James on everything or with me on everything can't do exactly what I just did regarding James: qualify while I like/share something James has done.

James Corbett ~

In the end, the point is no more that we should uncritically accept every statement made in opposition to the White Helmets than that we should uncritically accept every statement made in their favour. The point is that in a world where people were concerned about the real truth of the matter we would not be forced to rely on the on-the-ground reports of Beeley, Bartlett and the handful of other independent journalists who actually bother to visit Syria and talk to actual Syrians about what is happening in their country. In such a world, there would be many different journalists, researchers and citizens all trying to get to the bottom of what was really happening in the country.

But we do not live in such a world, and one thing is perfectly clear: we cannot rely on outlets like The Guardian and their fellow travellers like BBC News, Channel 4, CNN and other mainstream establishment outlets to report the truth on these matters.

There is some good reporting on The Guardian, but it definitely depends upon the subject matter. The Guardian clearly has an underlying ideology, with which I do not agree. That ideology is Zionism (in culturally/socially "liberal" clothing).

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